School Wide Uzume Drumming Workshop

June 10, 2021 all-day


Uzume Taiko

Uzume Taiko celebrates the rhythm of life itself with shows that wow audiences through a uniquely

theatrical blend of music and dance. They have hand crafted a unique brand of West Coast

Canadian taiko drumming that offers a visual, sonic and dynamic experience to their audience.

Awarded “ArtStarts Champions” for their commitment to touring, Uzume Taiko has performed taiko

drumming in schools, festivals and community venues across BC since 1992. The group has

toured their evening concerts, festival and youth shows across North America, the United Kingdom

and Europe. Uzume Taiko brings a vibrant, contemporary sensibility to an ancient art.

Virtual Taiko Drum Workshop

This Workshop has four components:

  1. A Virtual Uzume Taiko Drum Performance.
  2. DIY Drum Objects and Drumsticks.
  3. Participation in a live ZOOM Taiko Basic Drills Drum Lesson.
  4. Practice Taiko Drumming with online videos.